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The best medicine 

Rachel was in a sour mood all day at school, she missed seeing Finn between classes and eating lunch with him.  Her friends noticed she was in a funk too, although most of them snickered at her missing her boyfriend after such a short amount of time.  As soon as the bell rang she rushed to her locker, putting her books away and grabbing her and Finn’s homework before walking to her car.  On her way to Finn’s house she stopped to pick up some chicken soup for him, and soon she was pulling up to the Hudmel house.  Kurt wasn’t home yet, and she didn’t see any of the cars except Finn’s in the driveway, so she knocked and then let herself in so that he didn’t have to get up.  “Finn? It’s me,” she said, waiting for an answer so she knew whether he was in his room or on the couch.

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    Finn let out a small laugh when Rachel told him that she literally stared at the clock after she ate dinner she was so...
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    Rachel smiled when Finn told her that he was there to keep her company until her curfew. She smiled as she watched him...